Five Indie Flicks you May Have Missed

When most people think about Indie Films, they think about a black and white, foreign language film about a talking goat or something obscure like that. But the truth is that many great films you’ve seen are from independent cinema, you just didn’t pay much attention because it wasn’t summer blockbuster. Here’s a list of […]

Why You Should Care about Independent Cinema

When you think about movies, one of the first things that comes to mind might Terminator Genisys or Jurassic World. But if you want to challenge your mind while having fun, there’s nothing like sitting down and watching a good indie flick, if for no other reason than to get a good, original story. A clear […]

The Force Is Awakening

Almost thirty years ago the world saw the birth of one of the most beloved franchises in history. In 1977 the first Star Wars movie was released to critical acclaim. Everyone was marveled by what they were witnessing, the technology used in those times were light years ahead of anything done back then, and the […]

Frieza is Back!

No one can ignore how influential anime has become. Every person in the planet surely knows about it and even can name his or her top 5 animes. Some favor classics like Saint Seiya or Evangelion and even maybe Pokemon, but there is one thing for sure in each of those list. Any anime fan […]

Earth’s Mightiest Heroes Are Nearly Upon Us

Earth’s mightiest warriors are back in less than a week and we are all freaking out about it. The Marvel Cinematic Universe has been of the biggest movie franchises in recent years, or decades, I think there has never been anything quite like it. A series of Marvel super heroe movies being released almost yearly […]

Can Shrek Survive His Wife’s Family?

When talking about animated movies severeal pieces of art come to mind. We have movies like Finding Nemo, which was very well received by the audience and has a sequel in works, and we have the most recent animated blockbuster Frozen, which did very well beyond anyone’s expectations. All of these animated movies are truly […]

A Different Kind of Love Story

Movies about love stories have been stuck in a rut since they ever started appearing in cinemas. We always have the sames story about a couple going through the same obstacles in their love and then overcoming them in the end and end happily ever after. We might still find it cute, but we can […]