Tallgrass Film Festival Rising Popularity

Every year the Tallgrass Film Festival takes place in Whichita, Kansas, United States. This year is not an exception and this film festival brings five days of parties, VIP events, educational opportunities and, of course, film screening. As a matter of fact, more than 200 indie movies will be screened in this festival. For that reason, if you are near Kansas and you consider yourself as an indie movie lover, we recommend you to go to the Tallgrass Film Festival.

Half Brother Poster Christian Lovera

Half Brother is one of the movies that will be screened in the Tallgrass Film Festival

Richie and Sophia Christian Lovera

Before I Disappear

The Tallgrass Film Festival was founded in 2003 by filmmaker and former student from Brigham Young University, Timothy Gruver. Since 2003 this festival has increased its popularity. According to the festival’s statistics, in 2013, more than 10,000 people attended to the Tallgrass Film Festival, including 34 visiting filmmakers and this year is expected more attendance that the previous years.

As a matter of fact, 206 movies will be screened in this festival, including 49 movies and 157 shorts. In addition, there are opportunities not only to watch American or Kansas-related indie movies, but there are movies that represent other countries, such as:

  • Nigeria
  • Sudan
  • Bulgaria
  • Iraq
  • United Arab Emirates
  • Morocco

According to director, Anthony Grippa, he heard from a friend that the Tallgrass Film Festival was an excellent event to submit his movie. Grippa stated that his friend told him that everyone that worked at Tallgrass were really nice and were very interested in movies. Thus, Grippa knew that this would be the perfect place to present his new movie called Half Brother. This movie follows a man on his thirties that is dumped by his girlfriend and has to move back with his parents. When the man comes back to his parent’s house, he notices that his mom and dad are facing a difficult situation in their marriage and probably they will divorce.

Some other movies that will be present at the Tallgrass Film Festival are:

  • Film Christian Lovera

    Gone Doggy Gone

    Before I Disappear: this movie follows the life of Richie, an irresponsible man, who receives a call from his sister to take care of his niece, Sophia, for a few hours.

  • Life Itself: this documentary follows the life and career of popular film critic and social commentator, Roger Ebert.
  • Gone Doggy Gone: it follows the life of a married couple who treat their dog as a baby. Suddenly, the dog disappears and the couple begins a journey to look for the dog. At the end, they found the dog’s kidnapper and the couple renews the love of each other while defeat their fear of becoming parents.
  • The Living: a man wakes up with a terrible hangover and realizes that he has severely beaten his wife. Now, he has to redeem with her while her mother-in-law disapproves his actions and his brother-in-law hires an ex-con to kill him.

These are some of the movie that will be presented in the Tallgrass Film Festival, you must watch them all. For that reason, if you live or you currently are in Kansas, this film festival is a must, especially if you are a movie lover.



Foreign Indie Movies According to Christian Lovera

We are used to Hollywood movies, those big productions with incredible visual effects, and more. However, once in a while, we need to relax and watch different movies, those low-budget films that are not necessarily bad, but different. In fact, some indie movies are even greater that Hollywood movies.

In this article, we talk about foreign independent movies! Keep scrolling to know what we found!

From Venezuela

Regarding Venezuelan movies, the film industry is increasing in the Latin American country, producing awesome movies of different genres. One of its popular films of this year was the movie Libertador (The Liberator); this film focuses on the life of Venezuelan liberator and one of the most notable men in South America, Simón BolívarLibertador is definitely a movie that you must watch, starring famous Venezuelan actor Edgar Ramírez. The rest of the cast includes:

  • Erich Wildpret
  • María Valverde
  • Iwan Rheon
  • Gary Lewis

Another awesome Venezuelan movie is Pelo Malo (Bad Hair), it follows the life of a nine-year-old boy named Junior, who lives with his hard-working mother and his baby brother. Junior has curly hair but he has an obsession with straightened his hair while her mother is scared of Junior becoming a homosexual in the future. This movie presents aspects of the Venezuelan culture; especially it presents the working poor people and their lifestyle. The cast includes:

  • Samantha Castillo
  • Beto Benites
  • Nelly Ramos
  • María Emilia Sulbarán

From Argentina

Argentinean movies have had a lot success at Cannes Film Festival and other events. As matter of fact, they have been acclaimed as some of the best movies regarding the Latin American film industry. One of the movies that you must watch is Relatos Salvajes (Wild Tales). This movie comprises six short films about love, deception, tragedy,drama, and violence, everything contained in just 120 minutes. Relatos Salvajes presents different stories, but the structure of the movie is very organized; therefore, there are no reasons to get lost in the plot. In addition, the movie has a particular dark humor. This Argentinean film is 100% recommended. The cast includes:

  • Ricardo Darín
  • Oscar Martínez
  • Leonardo Sbaraglia
  • Erica Rivas
  • Rita Cortese

El Ardor is another Argentinean movie that you must watch. The film follows the story of Kaí, interpreted by Gael García Bernal, a man that came out from the Argentinean rainforest to rescue the kidnapped the daughter of a poor famer who was murdered by people that took his farm. The story has love, drama, and more. In addition, Brazilian actress Alice Braga plays Vania, the kidnapped daughter. In addition, the rest of the cast includes:

  • Claudio Tolcachir
  • Jorge Sesán
  • Iván Steinhardt

From Brazil

The Brazilian film industry is one of the most advanced industries in Latin America. The country produces a considerable amount of movies per year. However, one of the greatest Brazilian films of 2014 is O lobo atrás da Porta (A Wolf at the Door). The movie is about the feelings of people involved in a love triangle. This movie is about love, lust, and revenge. Although this is the first movie of director Fernando Coimbra, it is absolutely awesome. The cast includes:

  • Thalita Carauta
  • Juliano Cazarré
  • Milhem Cortaz
  • Leandra Leal

Greatest American Independent Movies

Hollywood productions are always the greatest because of their high budget that allows them to have extraordinary shooting locations, the best actors, the ultimate visual effects, and more. We are used to those movies, but what about independent movies? Yes, they are great as well as Hollywood movies because indie movies are different, especially because they are low budget which allows directors to innovate and use their imagination to create the most amazing movies of all times. What do you think about this top 4 of the greatest American independent movies?

  • Nothing but a Man
  • Born in Flames   
  • Funny Ha Ha                   
  • Sherman’s March

American Cultural Reality in the 60s

History of African-American people Christian Lovera

Nothing but a Man

Michael Roemer’s film focuses on portraying the lives of African –American people during the 60s. Nothing but a Man is about a rail road worker named Duff Anderson, played by Ivan Dixon, and his wife a school teacher named Josie, interpreted by Abbey Lincoln. They as a couple have to face discriminatory challenges of that period of time. This movie is great to know American cultural reality in those years. In addition, we have seen lots of new movies portraying that African-American reality, so if you want to watch a marathon of movies like those, you have to include Nothing but a Man.

Fighting for Equal Rights in the 80s

Movie about Revolution of women Christian Lovera

Born in Flames

From director Lizzie Borden, the movie Born in Flames presents an extraordinary revolution of women in order to ask the American government to hear the voices of those who were discriminated such as minorities, liberals, and feminists. Although it is considered as a science fiction movie, this film presents the reality that we are still living because women, nowadays, are still fighting in order to have equals rights, and more issues presented in the movie. This is an 80’s movie and it was filmed in New York City.

Marnie’s Life is not that Funny

Funny Ha Ha, movie Christian Lovera

Funny Ha Ha

From director Andrew Bujalski, Funny Ha Ha shows us the life of Marnie a young girl that graduated from college and is looking for a temporary job and the greatest boyfriend. The life of every American girl is portrayed in Marnie’s life, she is in love with a guy who does not love her back, and the jobs that she gets are not what she expects. This is great movie to have our feet on the ground, remembering that we will not have everything that we want. However, it is still a good life.

Exploring the love relationships of an American Director

Sherman's March Movie Christian Lovera

Sherman’s March

From director Ross McElwee, Sherman’s March has nothing to do with history and a lot to do with love and relationships. McElwee focused his movie on his own life; so, this is the ultimate auteur film. After a really bad breakup, Ross McElwee tries to find love in other women, while he is producing a documentary about Civil War. If you like auteur movies, you have to watch Sherman’s March and discover how McElwee’s love relationships ended.

If you are avoiding going to the movies because there is nothing that you like, try to watch independent films. They are really different from Hollywood productions, but that does not mean that they are not great, lots of them are even greater that Hollywood high-budget productions.                  


The Radiant Child is an Arthouse Film to Watch

Jean-Michel Basquiat Christian Lovera

Jean-Michel Basquiat

Director Tamra Davis gives us a first-hand look at the story of one of New York’s most talented and unknown artistsJean-Michel Basquiat.

About Basquiat, The Artist

Basquiat was born in New York City on December 22, 1960. He started his artistic career at the age of 15 as a graffiti spray painter using the tag SAMO. It was created by Basquiat and fellow artist and friend, Al Diaz. 
The juncture started off as a teenage spray session of some sort but it then progressed to the point where their illustrations were all over downtown New York and even The Soho News made an article about SAMO and the impact that it was having in the community in the graffiti scene of the mid and late 70’s.

About Radiant Child, The Movie

 The film takes us through various periods of Basquiat’s life; his childhood, adolescence and his rise to stardom.  Davis puts a particular view on Basquiat’s fight with his personal demons, we can take a lot from insider interviews and archived footage or recordings but the fact of the matter is that the best way to understand what was going on with him can only be learned by Basquiat himself.
Jean-Michel Basquiat Christian Lovera

Radiant Child, Jean-Michel Basquiat

We will see how he became friend with TV host Glenn O’Brien after the two met on the set of TV Party. We also have a look at the importance of music in his life and how he started his noise rock band  “Gray”,  the band had a small piece in the soundtrack of the 1980 independent film called “Downtown 81″, film in which Basquiat also starred in.

Basquiat Work

Christian Lovera Jean-Michel Basquiat Art

Jean-Michel Basquiat Works

Basquiat rose to stardom in 1981 after he joined the Annina Rosei gallery, he showed the world his first solo work and left everybody in awe of his talent, after that he was known by everybody in the art community but also in the fashion and show business. Basquiat became friends with some very important people like:

  • Andy Warhol,
  • David Bowie,
  • and Robert Rauschenberg.
All of these people were not only his friends but they influenced him greatly in his career and even collaborated with him in some of his work.
Director Davis will also go through the rough times he endured after he became a top name in the art scene in the 1980’s, especially in the U.S.
 Jean-Michel Basquiat is still a huge reference to many artists, singers and above all African Americans, his struggles with racism are well known and some even portrayed in some of his work.
This is a very unique insight to this man’s life and director Tamra Davis does a fantastic job in how she pays homage to her friend  in “The radiant child“.

Arthouse Cinema Is Back in 2014

Art cinema Christian Lovera

Arthouse films

This week, we will take a look at one of the most underrated genres in all of cinemaArthouse movies also known as Art cinema.

Arthouse films are known for not being high in ticket sales or for its high budget productions, however, it is a genre also known for having a unique vision from  its directors. Nowadays most of the movies in this genre are foreign or independent films. This great list of must see movies is just another step in the evolution of this great cinematic genre.

This is not a blockbuster type genre but, this year, it’s filled with great films and huge stars who are spread all over the five films that you will see in this list:

5- Rosewater

Jon Stewart, Director

Jon Stewart directing ‘Rosewater’

Director: Jon Stewart

Cast: Shohreh Aghdashloo, Gael García Bernal, Jason Jones, Dimitri Leonidas

 The host of The Daily Show, Jon Stewart, took a leave of absence to make his directorial debut about the true story of Maziar Bahari , a journalist who was detained in Iran for more than 100 days and brutally interrogated in prison in the midst of the 2009 election.

4- Gone Girl

Gone Girl Movie

Gone Girl with Ben Affleck

Director: David Fincher

Cast: Ben Affleck, Rosamund Pike, Tyler Perry, Neil Patrick Harris, Missi Pyle, Casey Wilson

With his wife’s disappearance having become the focus of an intense media circus, a man (Ben Affleck) sees the spotlight turned on him when it’s suspected that he may not be innocent. This is Affleck’s first project since the award winning “Argo”.

3- Nymphomaniac

Nymphomaniac Movie Christian Lovera

Nymphomaniac (film)

Director: Lars von Trier

Cast: Shia LaBeouf, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Uma Thurman, Willem Dafoe, Stellan Skarsgard, Jamie Bell, Christian Slater, Connie Nielsen

The film focuses on a self-described nymphomaniac who recounts her extense sexual history to a stranger who rescued her from a bloody beating. Said to be more intellectual than explicit, the question isn’t whether the film will offend viewers inside and out of the U.S. but whether the director’s vision can connect intellectually with the audience.

2- Interstellar

Interstellar, with Matthew McConaughey Christian Lovera

Interstellar Poster

Director: Christopher Nolan

Cast: Matthew McConaughey, Anne Hathaway, Jessica Chastain, Casey Affleck, Michael Caine

In the future, governments all across the globe have collapsed, food is scarce, and it’s all because of the damage caused to the planet in the 20th century. The film follows the story of a group of explorers who are set to take advantage in a discovered wormhole to surpass the limitations of manned space travel and try and find a solution to mankind’s biggest problem.


Foxcatcher, directed by  Christian Lovera

Foxcatcher Poster

Director: Bennett Miller

Cast: Steve Carell, Channing Tatum, Mark Ruffalo, Vanessa Redgrave

Based on the true story of Mark Schultz an Olympic Gold Medal winning wrestler who is invited by millionaire John du Pont  to move on to the du Pont mansion and help build a team to train for the 1988 Seoul Olympics at his new top level training facility, Schultz seizes at the opportunity, hoping to focus on his training and surpass his revered brother, Dave.

10 Greatest Independent Films

Independent film industry is something that probably not everybody knows or at least has a little knowledge about it. However, since many years ago, the independent movies and directors are having their spot in the cinemas of the whole world. Probably not with much attention, but those movies exist and due to technology and all the new things that are in the world, it is actually better and easier for people to have independent movies in their houses.

Films from an infinite group of countries are made every year. A top of the greatest ones is really difficult, but if we create our own boundaries and limitate the top into the most amazing and greatest 10 independent films from 1990 until 2004, we will probably have a very short but truly good top of movies.

Countries like MexicoUnited States of America and the United Kingdom are having their own independent productions and every year there are more movies that are being part of the big list of films in the different cinemas of the world. So, it just time to begin with this top 10 of the greatest independent films that includes the countries: USA, Mexico and UK.

  • El Mariachi: it is a Mexican movie directed by Robert Rodríguez and it was made in 1992 and this movies in considered as a guerilla filmmaking. It is a very good movie that actually got the international attention of people.
  • Dead Man’s Shoes: it was made in 2004 and you will probably hear something about it. The director was Shane Meadows and it is considered as one of the best independent movies coming from the United Kingdom.
  • The Passion of the Christ: this movie was directed by the actor Mel Gibson and it was released in 2004. This movie, definitely, got not only the attention but also the impression and good comments of people all over the world. It was actually one of the most sale movies in 2000.
  • Amores Perros: this is a Mexican movie directed by Alejandro gonzales Inarritu and it was released in 2000. This movie is known not only by its director but also for the very good participation of the actors.
  • Lost in Translation: it is a Sofia Coppola movie and it wa smade in 2003. This film is absolutely over the clichés and it is a very well done movie.
  • In the Company of Men: it is a movie directed by Neil LaBute and it was made in 1997 and its director was firstly part of the American Theater and then he got into the independent film industry and has this movie as an example of what he is capable to do.
  • The Usual Suspects: it is a film made in 1995 and directed by Bryan singer. This film is about crimes, but it defintely goes further and deeper than what we all are used to see about it.
  • Reservoir Dogs: it was made in 1992 and the director was no less than Quentin Tarantino, so this movie is one of those from this director that should be in the list of movies to see.
  • Lone Star: it was made in 1996 and the director was John Sayles. In this movie, one of the most important things is the way how the direction, the story and the actors are all well accomplished.
  • Run Lola Run: it is not about Forrest Gum and it was made in 1998 by the director Tom Tykwer.
Christian Lovera Mel Gibson, director of The Passion of the Christ

Mel Gibson, director of The Passion of the Christ


Christian Lovera Dead Man's Shoes (2004 film)

Dead Man’s Shoes (2004 film)

Arthouse Movies of this Year 2014 (Video)

If you like the arthouse cinema, there are many great options to watch this year. Forget about commercial movies and give a chance to independent films that portray different stories from several perspectivesLaugh and cry with arthouse films that reflect life and its problemshumans and their interactions. This year you have to watch Palo Alto and Alone Yet Not Alone.

Palo Alto

This  is a drama about teenagers and their problems. Although many people think that being young is the greatest part of our lives, teenagers have their own problems and issues and this movie reflects them.

Palo Alto is based on a book of short stories written by James Franco. In this movies stars:

  • Emma Roberts,
  • Nat Wolff,
  • Jack Kilmer,
  • and Zoe Levin.

Alone Yet Not Alone 

This is an arthouse film set in the 18th century during the colonial time. The story is about a forced marriage during this hard period of time and how faith can help humans to overcome adverse circumstances. The movie involves a family separation and how the members of the family manage to survive.

These movies are highly recommended if you want to enjoy a different time alone or with your family. There is always a good excuse to watch arthouse movies.