British Independent Film Awards Has Its Favorites, by Christian Lovera

Independent movies, such as 71 and Pride, lead the list of favorites in order to win the British Film Awards. The British movie 71, directed by Yann Demange, has nine nominations, such as:

  • Movie Christian Lovera


    Best Director

  • Best screenplay
  • Best debut director
  • Best British independent film
  • Best actor for Jack O’Connell
  • Best supporting actor for Sean Harris

The movie 71 follows the story of a British young soldier who is abandoned by his unit as a result of a riot on the streets of Belfast in 1971.

In addition, the movie Pride has seven nominations, including:

  • Best British independent film
  • Best director
  • Best screenplay
  • Best supporting actress for Imelda Staunton
  • Best supporting actor for Andrew Scott and Ben Schnetzer
  • Most promising newcomer for Ben Schnetzer
Gay Movie Christian Lovera


Pride is a British movie that follows the stories of gay activists who work to help miners during the strike of the National Union of Mineworkers in 1984.

In addition, other independent movies, such as Catch Me Daddy, Frank, and Mr. Turner, have five nominations respectively.

The independent movie Catch Me Daddy follows the story of girl named Laila, who is running away from her family. That is why, she hides in the West of Yorkshire with her boyfriend named Aaron. However, everything changes when her brother arrives in town with a gang of criminals. Now Laila has to run away in order to preserve her life.

The British movie Frank is about a young wanna-be musician who faces difficult situations when he joins a weird pop band, led by the uncommon and rare Frank.

The Bristish independent film Mr. Turner follows the story of part of the life of the eccentric and brilliant British painter J. M. W. Turner. I f you consider yourself as a fan of independent movies, we recommend you watching these incredible British independent films.

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In addition to the independent films mentioned above, the British Independent Film Awards nominated actors of the movie The Imitation Game for best actor Benedict Cumberbatch and best actress Keira Knightley. Addtionally, actress Alicia Vikander was nominated for best actress for her performance in Testament of Youth. Moreover, American actress Maggie Gyllenhaal was nominated for best supporting actress in the movie Frank, and Michael Fassbender for best supporting actor due to his performance in Frank too.

Approximately 70 British film industry professionals participated in the pre-selection committee. They had to watch more than 250 movies in order to choose the best ones. In addition, Oscar winning director Tom Hooper (King’s Speech) was chosen to select the final winners of the British Independent Film Awards. According to Hooper, he is really looking forward to taking wise decisions in order to award those British independent films that deserve it.   

MBIFA Christian Lovera

British Independent Film Awards

The ceremony of the British Independent Film Awards will take place in December 7th, Sunday, at the Old Billingsgate in London, England.

We suggest you to watch those movies before the ceremony in order to pick your favorite movies. In addition, you may predict the winners of this British ceremony.





Independent Film Is Going To Have Its Own Fest

New York is a city that has anything you could need, or at least, that is what it seems to be. There are a lot of options for you to do. Lots of movies have NYC as its main place to develop a story, it does not matter if it is about the end of the world or related to a love story or something. The real fact is that as New York City is that one of the most important places for the movie industry and, besides, the independent film market also has lots of things to give in this place, NYC will have on September an independent film week.

Christian Lovera Logo IFP

Logo IFP

Independent Filmmaker Project is an organization based in the United States of America that basically support, produce and create everyhintg related to the independent film industry, that is why this organization decided to create and subsequently do something that could be only about the market of the independent films. What the creators thought it could be better to do so was having a week, just like the Fashion Week, for example, but this time it is about movies and its directors and producers.

Filmmaker ConferencesProject Forumsmovies and more are about to be shown this week that starts on September, 2014. The idea is that this week can work as a teaching experience for all those people that is just beginning in thuis complicated, but lovely and incredible industry.

Directors and producers and independent filmmakers have been recognized and championed by the IFP before this 2014 week and some of the people that got this priceless recognition are:

  • Charles Burnett
  • Michael Moore
  • Joel and Ethan Cohen
  • Kevin Smith
  • Wayne Wang
  • Todd Solondz
  • Mira Nair
  • Todd Haynes

Storytellersartists in general, and even actors, can be part of this week. It is also possible to be part of the organization: it is just about going to the official website and following the instructions. It seems to be a really good option for those who are interested in learning more about movies, how to make it, acting and everything related to it. During the week and the whole year, there are, as part of the creative program that the IFP,:

  • Workshops,
  • forums,
  • fests,
  • conferences and more.

The IFP organization also has the Gotham Awards in which some independent films are nominees and got this prize. This is a motivation to those who are walking in the difficlut road of making a movie and, mostly, and independent one. About the movies that were nominee just last year (2013), it is possible to mention the following ones:

  • Before Midnight
  • 12 years a slave
  • Inside Llewyn Davis
  • Upstream color
  • Ain’t them bodies Saints
Christian Lovera 12 years a slave

12 years a slave

Inside Llewyn Davis was actually the one that got the prize and this film, as well as 12 Years a slave, are now being presented in all the different cinemas of the whole world and this is because of the success and goodness of those productions.

Capetonians Are Preparing for an Italian Film Festival (Video)

Arthouse films will be the main character at the Italian Film Festival that will be held in Cape Town. According to cinema manager Ludi Krause, he chose twelve Italian arthouse films in order to people enjoy emotions and deep topics instead of special effects and noise. He states that if commercial films increase the number of their productions, arthouse films should do the same.

The Italian films were chosen because they had a great audience in the past and many of them were nominated and won important awards such as the Oscars. Also, these films take you to another place, they make you reflect upon reality, upon life and you can relate your life with the lives of the characters. That is the magic of arthouse cinema, that are common stories that you can relate with.

The movies included in this festival are:

  • La Città Delle Donne (City of Women), this movie is about chauvinism and feminism;
  • The Dreamers is a movie set in Paris and tells the story of young people and their struggles;
  • Le Bal is an Oscar-nominated movie of 1983;
  • Cinema Paradiso is an Oscar-winner movie that tells the story of a child and how he fell in love with the cinema.