The Top 10 Indie Films of this Year that You Should Definitely Watch

Blue Rain - Christian Lovera

Blue Rain


From blogs to viewers’ opinion and critics of indie films, these are the common picks as the best independent pictures of the year:

1. Ida: from Polish director Pawel Pawlikowski, who in 2001 won BAFTA‘s “Most Promising Newcomer in British Film” award, Ida portrays the story of a young girl on the quest to find her roots, as Jewish holocaust survivor descendants. Incredibly moving, we see through the film how a simple discovery turns out into an unexpected development of events.

2. Boyhood: one of the very few -or maybe the only- film that was recorded during 12 years and using the same actors. So what we get is what we see: the real deal. Growing pains, the ordinary happenings of daily life and the big moments that shape the life of a boy who turns out surprisingly well against all odds. It has been highly praised and well criticized since its release.

Boyhood - The movie - Christian Lovera

Boyhood – The movie

3. Only Lovers Left Alive: yet again, they’re still doing vampire movies. Except for this one stars Tilda Swinton and Tom Hiddleston, and showcases the dreadness of the modern world through a couple that’s been alive for quite a while now. As described by Vanity Fair, “vampires have never appeared so cool, cultured or human“. Just the trailer is intriguing enough to make you want to watch it -even if you’re a firm detractor of the vampire hype.

4. The Grand Budapest Hotel: with an outstanding direction of photography, a picturesque story and remarkable acting, these movie features a lobby boy that inherits a great first class hotel. But way before that happens, a succession of weird events and murders take place, in a fictional country set in the years between the two World Wars. The acting of  Ralph Fiennes is amazing!

Grand Budapest Hotel movie - Christian Lovera

Grand Budapest Hotel movie

5. The Wind Rises: from director Hayao Miyazaki, this animated film takes a look at Hiro Jorikoshi’s life, the man who designed planes in Japan during World War II. The dialogues and music are entirely in Japanese, so if you’re a fan of manga or anime you’re in for a treat, even though it’s more of a kids-oriented tale film.

6. Like Father Like Son: have you ever imagined having your baby mixed up with another one after birth? This is what happens to Ryota Nonomiya. This is also a Japanese film, that shows the moving story of Nonomiya facing the difficult choice of choosing over his biological son or the one he has helped to raise for years.

7. Life Itself: ironically enough, this movie is about the American movie critic, Roger Ebert, who passed away just last year. The film walks by his journey, his illness and his reputation as a newspaper writer. Luckily, it has been received well by the critics. In fact, as some have put it “the only shame of Life Itself is that we can’t read Roger Ebert’s review”.

Roger Ebert - Life itself - Christian Lovera

Roger Ebert – Life itself

8. Blue Ruin: “The one with the gun gets to tell the truth”. This is a story filled with vengeance, suspense, the seek of justice and thrill, of how a man is capable of doing pretty much anything to protect his family, even when that means becoming an assasin.

9. Nymphomaniac vol. I: This highly expected Lars von Trier movie show a woman who is addicted to sex and, after she is saved by a man from a brutal beating, begins to recount all of her sexual encounters -which are mostly sickly-. Featuring well-known actors like Shia LaBeouf, Uma Thurman and Stellan Skarsgård, Nymphomaniac will leave you wanting more. The second part was also released this year.

10. Stranger by The Lake: this French film was launched at the beginning of the year. It tells the story of a paradisiac vacation spot in France only for men, and how one of them gets stuck in a love whimsy that seems to be destined to end with death. Regardless, this summer passion goes on…




Awesome Indie Movie Theaters and Websites, by Christian Lovera

There is no better way to spend our leisure time than watching a great movie and although, there are thousands of incredible Hollywood productions, we recommend you to watch at least once in your life an independent film, better-known as indie film. The directors of these movies focus more on creating a reaction towards the movie than the profits. In other words, you will be watching awesome movies with a low budget. From documentaries,comedies, drama, to science fiction, the independent cinema has something for you.

That is why, these are the incredible indie theaters in the United States and websites to watch indie movies:

Nuart Theater in Los Angeles

Los Angeles Christian Lovera

Nuart Theater

Nuart Theater is located on the Westside of Los Angeles. This theater is dedicated to present the most creative independent films in LA. In addition, this theater has premiered indie movies, documentaries, foreign movies as well as animation films. Moreover, the theater has been renovated in order to have the ultimate technology.

The Nuart Theater is an adult-oriented cinema and offers a wide variety of amenities, such as:

  • beverages,
  • and gourmet snacks.

The experience in this movie theater is absolutely amazing.

Arena Cinema Hollywood in Los Angeles

Los Angeles Christian Lovera

Arena Cinema Hollywood

One of the greatest features of this cinema is that it encourages indie films to be presented in the theater. In that way, the theater supports indie films as well as new directors, who have started in the movie industry. In addition, a forum, after the movies, is usually made in order to clear doubts of the viewers and solve any problem regarding the movie. In other words, directors have a closer contact with the viewers, which facilitate the experience of watching a movie, especially if it has a strange plot.

The staff is really kind and makes you feel like you were at home. As a matter of fact, this theater offers healthy snacks.

Harvard Film Archive in Boston

Indie movie Christian Lovera

Havard Film Archive

I f you want to watch hidden indie movies, this is the place that you should go. In the Harvard Film Archive, the movies present are unknown, which is good in order to know your indie movie taste and other movies as well as genres. The movies presented in this theater are part of big collection of movies that belong to Harvard Library System. In addition, the films presented here are from the beginning of the indie movie industry to current times.

Coolidge Corner Theatre in Boston

You can watch almost every indie movie in the Coolidge Corner Theater, from black comedies, cartoons, comedies, to even war films. An awesome experience in this theater is guarantee. In addition, there are several theaters in Coolidge and you can rent them in order to make parties and events.

Website to Watch Indie Films in this website, you can buy indie films with an excellent quality. In addition, the films are very affordable; as a matter of fact, a movie costs 3, 99 US dollars. if you are an amateur filmmaker, you have arrived to the right website. This site allows you to upload your movie and receive critics. In addition, if your movie is watched by lots of people, the website pays you.

Dear White People: Living in Two Different Worlds, According to Christian Lovera

Racism has been a very controversial topic throughout the years and we have watched a lot of movies about racismin the United States in the 20th century such as The Help, 12 Years a Slave, and more. However, nowadays, racism still exists and that is what Dear White People is about.

The story follows the lives of several African-American students attending to the fictional Ivy League college Winchester University. Troy is a boy that wants to make his father proud and in order to do that he has to live in different worlds, the white one and the black one. In addition, there is Lionel, a gay student that wants to find his place in the world. Also, there is Coco, a girl that has identity issues since she wants to be famous without embracing her blackness. Lastly, there is Sam, a student who is in charge of demonstrating that racism still exists in the university.

Dear White People, new movie Christian Lovera

Dear White People

The purpose of the movie Dear White People is to present the lives of African-American teenagers and how they face their identity issues in a college that is surrounded with white people, that is to say, they are a minority.

Movie Christian Lovera

Dear White People

The idea of the movie came from new director Justin Simien. Simien began to write the first draft of the script in 2006 while he was studying at Chapman University in Orange, California. The movie reflects the life of Simien during college, where he was one of the few black people at a university filled with white people. Justin Simien states that during his stay at Chapman University he had to live in two different worlds, the black one and the white one and, of course, it was not easy.

For Simien, it was very important to find his identity, the type of black that he represents. For that reason, Simien wanted to reflect his point of view in an indie movie while creating a discussion about the state of racism in America, especially at the universities.

Increasing the Audience for Dear White People

New Indie Movie Christian Lovera

Dear White People

It was not an easy task to carry on with the movie. Since Simien is new in the movie industry, many Hollywood establishments rejected the project stating that it was too personal. However, Justin Simien did not give up and continue looking for options to produce his movie.

One of the director’s best ideas was to create social media accounts in order to increase the audience of the project and know the opinions of people regarding the movie. For example, Simien created a Twitter account impersonating one of the characters of the movie, Samantha White. The Twitter feed is @DeerWhitePeople and is fill with controversial commentaries about racism in order to get the attention of people.

The Twitter account increased the popularity of the movie and people were anxious to watch it. According to Justin Simien, the Twitter feed was useful to create lines in the movie and to develop Sam’s character and the reactions of people towards her comments.

Dear White People is a movie that you must watch because it is funny and explores racism in a different and humorous way.