A Different Kind of Love Story

Movies about love stories have been stuck in a rut since they ever started appearing in cinemas. We always have the sames story about a couple going through the same obstacles in their love and then overcoming them in the end and end happily ever after. We might still find it cute, but we can all agree that it is getting more and more tiring. However, Animated movies bring a whole new life to this familiar setting. Movies like Tangled show a new side of the whole love story affair while still tackling a whole other kind of issues, and that is just the first out of the many animated movies that I can think of that can be considered love stories. Today, however, we talk about the mother of all animated love story movies. Welcome to Shrek.

Shrek - Christian Lovera


Shrek is about a grumpy ogre, voiced by Mike Myers, called Shrek who enjoys his “bachelor” life style by living alone in a swamp, however, his life gets turned upside down. His swamp gets taken over by fairy tale creatures such as Pinocchio because Lord Farquad, the king around these parts and main antagonist has evicted them all from their land. Shrek tries to take back his land with the unwanted help from Donkey, voiced by Eddie Murphy. His quest leads him to the castle of Lord Farquad, and he proposes a deal to him. If Shrek wants his swamp back he has to rescue a damsel in distress that he wants to marry in order to be a real king, because a king is no king without a queen. The perfect reason to get married, am I right?



So, we have Shrek and his untrusty sidekick on a quest to save the damsel in distress from a tower surrounded by lava and guarded by a dragon. The unlikely duo manages to rescue the princess by seducing the dragon, who happened to be quite taken by Donkey’s game, but the princess is quite confused about why the Farquad sent someone to rescue her instead of going there himself, but strangely seems to go on with it and decides to marry Farquad when they meet him, she also seems to be quite confortable around the ogre, which many normal people fear.

Shrek - Christian Lovera


On their way to Farquad is where the love blossoms. The princess, Fiona, who appeared like your stereotipical princess turns out to be a really interesting and atipical character. Fiona is an independent woman, who knows how to fight and stand her ground, and she and Shrek develop a bond of sorts, but Fiona has a secret. Every night she becomes an ogre because she is cursed and Shrek mistakes her behaviour while human has rejection for his ogre form and pushes her back and lets her marry Farquad.

Princess Fiona - Christian Lovera

Princess Fiona

Fiona needs to marry Farquad in order o have true love kiss and then take the form of that true love, which would be human because Farquad is human. Shrek is back into his swamp, his at last, but can’t seem to enjoy his old life because his old life is not enough anymore, this is when Donkey tells him Fiona’s secret and this leads Shrek to barge into Fiona’s wedding and confess his love to her. Farquad tries to stop this but get’s eaten by Donkey’s girlfriend, the dragon.



Just when night falls and Fiona is turned into an ogre she fears Shrek will reject her, but she finds her even more beautiful and share true love’s kiss, which breaks the curse, but she remains an ogre because she took the form of her true love Shrek, and both lived happily accepting their differences.

Fiona and Shrek

Fiona and Shrek

Movies like this break away from the tipical love stories and breathe new life in the genre.

The Radiant Child is an Arthouse Film to Watch

Jean-Michel Basquiat Christian Lovera

Jean-Michel Basquiat

Director Tamra Davis gives us a first-hand look at the story of one of New York’s most talented and unknown artistsJean-Michel Basquiat.

About Basquiat, The Artist

Basquiat was born in New York City on December 22, 1960. He started his artistic career at the age of 15 as a graffiti spray painter using the tag SAMO. It was created by Basquiat and fellow artist and friend, Al Diaz. 
The juncture started off as a teenage spray session of some sort but it then progressed to the point where their illustrations were all over downtown New York and even The Soho News made an article about SAMO and the impact that it was having in the community in the graffiti scene of the mid and late 70’s.

About Radiant Child, The Movie

 The film takes us through various periods of Basquiat’s life; his childhood, adolescence and his rise to stardom.  Davis puts a particular view on Basquiat’s fight with his personal demons, we can take a lot from insider interviews and archived footage or recordings but the fact of the matter is that the best way to understand what was going on with him can only be learned by Basquiat himself.
Jean-Michel Basquiat Christian Lovera

Radiant Child, Jean-Michel Basquiat

We will see how he became friend with TV host Glenn O’Brien after the two met on the set of TV Party. We also have a look at the importance of music in his life and how he started his noise rock band  “Gray”,  the band had a small piece in the soundtrack of the 1980 independent film called “Downtown 81″, film in which Basquiat also starred in.

Basquiat Work

Christian Lovera Jean-Michel Basquiat Art

Jean-Michel Basquiat Works

Basquiat rose to stardom in 1981 after he joined the Annina Rosei gallery, he showed the world his first solo work and left everybody in awe of his talent, after that he was known by everybody in the art community but also in the fashion and show business. Basquiat became friends with some very important people like:

  • Andy Warhol,
  • David Bowie,
  • and Robert Rauschenberg.
All of these people were not only his friends but they influenced him greatly in his career and even collaborated with him in some of his work.
Director Davis will also go through the rough times he endured after he became a top name in the art scene in the 1980’s, especially in the U.S.
 Jean-Michel Basquiat is still a huge reference to many artists, singers and above all African Americans, his struggles with racism are well known and some even portrayed in some of his work.
This is a very unique insight to this man’s life and director Tamra Davis does a fantastic job in how she pays homage to her friend  in “The radiant child“.

Colombia also has its independent film industry

The South American market of movies is not that famous in the world. However, there are some countries that have made their part in order to make their contribution to the competitive and complicated world of the cinema industry. It has been dominated by all the films that are made in places like Hollywood, but later, there has been a big change on this situation and countries and industries withtheir own way of producing movies are having their own chance.

Colombia, for example, is a country internationally known by its TV series, but it is also well known that this Latin American country has its movie productions that are part of its cinema market. Besides, some of those films had their space in international cinemas. Nevertheless, when it is about the independent film industry, Colombia (and South America in general) has not that recognition in the entire world, sometimes not even in their own country. Something that is really sad, but what we are going to do now is focus in the independent movies that have been produced in Colombia.

In 2013 there was an independent movie that was presented in the Colombian Cinemas . It is about to be shown in the international cinemas in countries like Venezuela. This film is actually a comedy that tales the story of the habitants of an old building. The name of this movie is Edificio Royal and it is just one of the movies that the Colombian cinema has to give. Among the people who worked there, that is the name of the actress Katherine Vélez that is internationally recognized due to her great job.

Colombian association for producers, directors and artists

Christian Lovera ACOCINDE logo


Independent films in this South American Country also have their association that really help all those people that truly want to be part of the Colombian cinema. The ACOCINDE or, by the name in Spanish, Asociación Colombiana de Cineastas Independientes, is the organization in charge to form, help and administrate all the new proposals that the Colombian artists have in order to keep alive all the effort and Colombian independent films that have been in the cinemas since so many years ago.

DirectorsProducers and artists in general are all trying to give and do their best so they can continue doing independent films in the country. Sometimes it is necessary to have an alliance with other countries in order to have a movie, but it is not that bad when what is going to be shown is a movie that is really good and that is trying to demonstrate that countries like Colombia can really be part of the complicated independent film industry.

Independent movie festivals are not that big in Colombia, however there are some that have many years being produced in the country. Some of those festivals are:

  • Festival de Cine Rosa
  • Festival de Cine Verde de Barichara
  • Festival de Cine de Cali
  • Cinexcusa, Festival de cine de Neyva
  • Festival internacional de cine por los derechos humanos en Bogotá

Indie Film for 2014: Palo Alto Movie

James Franco

James Franco

Zach Braff, directs and stars the movie Wish I Was Here, a indie film that will debut in the Sundance Film Festival 2014. It’s a comedy drama movie that narrates the story of a straggling father and husband looking for a purpose for his life.

Independent Film brings an important list of 50 quality movies for the 2014 to be enjoy by the cinema lovers. Between the movie that stand up from the list are:

  1. Big Eyes – Tim Burton
  2. Dear White People – Justin Simien
  3. Everything Will Be Fine – Wim Wenders
  4. Far From the Madding Crowd – Thomas Vinterberg
  5. Foxcatcher – Bennett Miller
  6. The Grand Budapest Hotel – Wes Anderson
  7. Happy Christmas – Joe Swanberg
  8. The Immigrant – James Gray
  9. Love is Strange – Ira Sachs
  10. Night Moves – Kelly Reichardt
  11. Nymphomaniac – Lars von Trier
  12. The Sacrament – Ti West
  13. Suite Francaise – Saul Dibb
  14. Tracks – John Curran
  15. Wish I Was Here – Director: Zach Braff

Palo Alto Movie

James Franco stars the indie film Palo Alto, directed by the recognized director Gia Coppola. Highlighted in the Venice Film Festival 2013Palo Alto became the first big project for Coppola Jr., who comes from a three-generation family tradition of great directors of the indie film movement.

Emma Roberts (April) together with James Franco (Teddy) stars the love story developed in the community of California. It’s a story full of drama and complication for the young couple.

The Blue Room: An Enigmatic Arthouse Movie

Mathieu Amalric

Mathieu Amalric presents his new movie

Mathieu Amalric is the director and main character of the French arthouse movie The Blue Room. The plot is about a man named Julien (played by Amalric) a successful salesman that hides a secret: he has a mistress named Esther(Stephanie Cleau).

Both Julien and Esther are married, but they cannot stop their love and prefer to cheat on their partners. However, this never ends well.

Julien is the main narrator of the story. He is in prison, but at first we do not know why, he tells the gendarmes about the forbidden relationship. In addition, the judge and a psychologist tell us the story.

The performances in the movie are excellent. Mathieu Amalric does a great job showing that adultery never ends well and that is not meant to last. Besides, Stephanie Cleau and Lea Drucker, Julien’s wife Delphine, act very well too. Julien hates his wife Delphine, he feels guilty and he does not love her anymore.

At the end, Esther’s husband is found dead and the first person that police deems as guilty is Julien. He is put in prison because French police finds out the love letters of Esther about her lover. In that way, Julien’s affair becomes a nightmare.