Did You Really Think 50 Shades of Grey Was Going To Be Good?

50 Shades of Grey - Christian Lovera

50 Shades of Grey

The movie based on the “succesful” 50 Shades franchise was released early February, on the 13th, one day before Valentine’s Day. So far the motion picture has seen success in the box office, with over 400 million dollars earned against it’s 40 million budget. In less than a month the movie has done remarkably well box office wise, despite the terrible reviews and controversy surrounding the entire franchise.

The movie is certified rotten on Rottentomatoes, and bad reviews keep pilling up. The Guardian shared it’s opinion on the film, which was, of course, a negative one. Most of the reviews online do comment on the same things, the lack of chemistry between the actors, on how tedious and boring the movie gets after some time has passed and, of course, how sadomasoquism is wrongly descripted and can create a wrong message surrounding the activity, but that has been a thing since the books came out.

The little praise the movie gets come from the leading actress, Dakota Johnson, who plays Anastasia, but that is as far as praise goes. Some organizations tried to stop the movie from being released since it goes against feminist values, depicts abussive relationships as something normal and “romantic”, and also on being a rather horrible movie. Sadly all these movements basically serve as publicity for lame movies like this.

The next books is also scheduled to hit the big screens next year, 50 Shades Darker, due to the success of the first one. We can only hope that success was due to a result of curiosity more than actual enjoyment, which would make the sequel flop.