Capetonians Are Preparing for an Italian Film Festival (Video)

Arthouse films will be the main character at the Italian Film Festival that will be held in Cape Town. According to cinema manager Ludi Krause, he chose twelve Italian arthouse films in order to people enjoy emotions and deep topics instead of special effects and noise. He states that if commercial films increase the number of their productions, arthouse films should do the same.

The Italian films were chosen because they had a great audience in the past and many of them were nominated and won important awards such as the Oscars. Also, these films take you to another place, they make you reflect upon reality, upon life and you can relate your life with the lives of the characters. That is the magic of arthouse cinema, that are common stories that you can relate with.

The movies included in this festival are:

  • La Città Delle Donne (City of Women), this movie is about chauvinism and feminism;
  • The Dreamers is a movie set in Paris and tells the story of young people and their struggles;
  • Le Bal is an Oscar-nominated movie of 1983;
  • Cinema Paradiso is an Oscar-winner movie that tells the story of a child and how he fell in love with the cinema.