Avengers 2 Is Closer Than Ever

Our favourite superheroes are up against a new threat, one that will push all their collective strenghts to ther fullest if they want to get out of this one alive. Avengers 2 hits theaters on May and we can hardly wait. A new threat is coming, and it is hell-bent on taking down anything and […]

Ouija Movie Lacks Any Real Terror by Christian Lovera

The infamous Ouija board games are popular all over the world. More than one has been seduced by the game’s creepy goal, to contact dead people’s spiritis. These games, however, are far from harmless, as very creepy incidents have happened surrounding this game. I try to keep away from it as far as human possible, […]

Did You Really Think 50 Shades of Grey Was Going To Be Good?

The movie based on the “succesful” 50 Shades franchise was released early February, on the 13th, one day before Valentine’s Day. So far the motion picture has seen success in the box office, with over 400 million dollars earned against it’s 40 million budget. In less than a month the movie has done remarkably well […]

The Top 10 Indie Films of this Year that You Should Definitely Watch

  From blogs to viewers’ opinion and critics of indie films, these are the common picks as the best independent pictures of the year: 1. Ida: from Polish director Pawel Pawlikowski, who in 2001 won BAFTA‘s “Most Promising Newcomer in British Film” award, Ida portrays the story of a young girl on the quest to find […]

British Independent Film Awards Has Its Favorites, by Christian Lovera

Independent movies, such as 71 and Pride, lead the list of favorites in order to win the British Film Awards. The British movie 71, directed by Yann Demange, has nine nominations, such as: Best Director Best screenplay Best debut director Best British independent film Best actor for Jack O’Connell Best supporting actor for Sean Harris […]

Awesome Indie Movie Theaters and Websites, by Christian Lovera

There is no better way to spend our leisure time than watching a great movie and although, there are thousands of incredible Hollywood productions, we recommend you to watch at least once in your life an independent film, better-known as indie film. The directors of these movies focus more on creating a reaction towards the movie […]

Tallgrass Film Festival Rising Popularity

Every year the Tallgrass Film Festival takes place in Whichita, Kansas, United States. This year is not an exception and this film festival brings five days of parties, VIP events, educational opportunities and, of course, film screening. As a matter of fact, more than 200 indie movies will be screened in this festival. For that […]