Hollywood Best Directors, Such as Tim Burton, Woody Allen, Charlie Chaplin and More!

Joseph Gordon-Levitt is the start of the art film movie 50/50 directed by Jonathan Levine in 2011. This is one of the most important movies of Levine because it was written by a real-life cancer survivor, having a big impact in the movie industry and fans because of the big emotional content.

Jay and Mark Dupplass Brothers and Christopher Smith are recognized together to Levine as the best filmmaker in the independent film industry:

  1. Thomas McCarthyThe Station Agent (2003), The Visitor (2008), Win Win (2011)
  2. Christopher SmithCreep (2004), Triangle (2009), Black Death (2011)
  3. Steve McQueen Hunger (2008), Shame (2011)
  4. Lynne RamsayRatcatcher (1999), Morvern Cellar (2002), We Need To Talk About Kevin (2011)
  5. Ben WheatleyDown Terrace (2009), Kill List (2012
  6. Jeff NicholsShotgun Stories (2007), Take Shelter (2011)
  7. Jay and Mark DuplassThe Puffy Chair (2005), Baghead (2008), Cyrus (2010)
  8. Nicolas Winding RefnPusher (1996), Pusher II: With Blood On My Hands (2004), Pusher III: I Am The Angel Of Death(2005)
  9. Rian JohnsonBrick (2005), The Brothers Bloom (2009)
  10. Jonathan LevineAll The Boys Love Mandy Lane (2006), The Wackness (2008), 50/50 (2011)

Hollywood Best Directors

Charlie Chaplin has been always known for his great performance in the silence films but he also was a great writer and director showing it in Modern Times and City Lights, two of his more important movies.

Woody Allen and Tim Burton are included in a list of the best filmmakers of all times.

Woody Allen

Woody Allen

Top 10 Movies of Art Film

Independent Film is not as new a many people things. This movies, in the last decades, have had an important grow up in the movies industry because of the low budges but creative plot and scenes.

Citizen Kane

Citizen Kane Movie

Scripts have highlighted the art films for being creative, alternative and out of what is habitual in Hollywood. It’s because of this features that some movies of the art house film has stand out between others becoming the best art film movies of all times.

  1. Andrei Rublev  (Directed by Andrei Tarkovsky)
  2. Mulholland Drive (Directed by David Lynch)
  3. L’Atalante (Directed by Jean Vigo)
  4. Tokyo Story (Directed by Yasujirō Ozu)
  5. Citizen Kane (Directed by Orson Welles)
  6. A Clockwork Orange (Directed by Stanley Kubrick)
  7. Days of Heaven (Directed by Terrence Malick)
  8. Fanny and Alexander (Directed by Ingmar Bergman)
  9. The White Ribbon (Directed by Michael Haneke)
  10. The Gospel According to Saint Matthew (Directed by Pier Paolo Pasolini)

Art Film of All Times

Stanley Kubrick was A Clockwork Orange director. This film from 1971, talks takes place in a futuristic society ruled by a strict government, which applies many restrictions on citizens.

Alex is the main character of this movie that created a gang of criminals, terrorizing the society with acts of rape, violence, and robbery with other teenage that answer by the name of Dim, Pete, and Georgie in the movie. Nadsat is language called spooked for Alexwhich is a mix of both Russian and Cockney English. It’s part of the amazing and different facts that converge in this story really iconic for the art house film.

Art Film is not Hollywood

Carl Laemmle is the founder of Independent film. Looking of step out the standards established in the film industry by Motion Picture Patents Company (MPPC) or “Edison Trust” in 1909, Laemmle move from the East Coast to Hollywood to make new and different movies in little studios beginning the art film movement.

Paramount Studio

Paramount Studio

Thomas Edison owned most of the major American patents relating to motion picture cameras and every process surrounding it since 1890. The Edison Manufacturing Company comprising all the major film companies of the time like Edison, Biograph, Vitagraph, Essanay, Selig, Lubin, Kalem. Also, George Kleine, the leading distributor and the biggest supplier of raw film, Eastman Kodak were included in this film industry monopoly.

Independent film is characterized by low cost production, developing in small studios and less than half of budget support compared to a Hollywood film; certainly more creative and always looking for more artistic and intellectual vision in a film.

ParamountMGMUniversal, and Fox Film Corporation started as independent film studios evolving in the business today as big filmmaking studios with largest production studios, more elaborate sets, costumes and staff.

Hollywood studios search today for independent films that could possibly get to be big production in art film festival like The Sundance Film Festival established in 1985 by Robert Redford’s Sundance Institute

Film festivals started as small scenarios for low budget filmmakers to showcase their talents, evolving in big stages for art house films to keep innovating the industry and boost great directors as Quentin Tarantino to the big screens. Hollywood film studios began investing in film festivals and independent films.