An App to Watch Arthouse Films Has Been Released (Video)

Watching an arthouse film will not be a problem anymore. Freesat, a satellite TV service, has launched its first application to watch independent and arthouse movies. This new applications is called Curzon Home Cinema and it is also available for Samsung Smart TVs and BT TV.

Although the app is not for free, it allows watching the arthouse films that it offers, and the best of it is that you can watch the same films that are being displayed at the movie theater but in your house.

According to Emma ScottFreesat’s Managing Director, it is exciting to launch the first application to watch independent films and arthouse films. People will have the opportunity to discover the wonders of arthouse cinema along with enjoying movies made with different purposes. Besides, you do not have to pay for the applicationbut for the movie you watch.

Some of the movies that Curzon Home Cinema is already offering are:

  • Venus in Fur,
  • Blue is the Warmest Color,
  • Amour, Dancer in the Dark, 
  • and Secret and Lies,

Most of them have been awarded at the Cannes International Film Festival and at the Academy Awards. The costs of the movies vary, however, they will not be very expensive, allowing movie fans to watch them.

Capetonians Are Preparing for an Italian Film Festival (Video)

Arthouse films will be the main character at the Italian Film Festival that will be held in Cape Town. According to cinema manager Ludi Krause, he chose twelve Italian arthouse films in order to people enjoy emotions and deep topics instead of special effects and noise. He states that if commercial films increase the number of their productions, arthouse films should do the same.

The Italian films were chosen because they had a great audience in the past and many of them were nominated and won important awards such as the Oscars. Also, these films take you to another place, they make you reflect upon reality, upon life and you can relate your life with the lives of the characters. That is the magic of arthouse cinema, that are common stories that you can relate with.

The movies included in this festival are:

  • La Città Delle Donne (City of Women), this movie is about chauvinism and feminism;
  • The Dreamers is a movie set in Paris and tells the story of young people and their struggles;
  • Le Bal is an Oscar-nominated movie of 1983;
  • Cinema Paradiso is an Oscar-winner movie that tells the story of a child and how he fell in love with the cinema.

Chinese Arthouse Film is Having a Huge Success

Despite the fact that arthouse films are not made for commercial purposes, and that many of them are not watched by a considerable amount of people,  Chinese movie Black Coal, Thin Ice has demonstrated the contrary about this thought.

The movie has had a large amount of people watching it though this was not the intention of the film.

After being awarded with the Golden Bear for best film at the 2014 Berlin International Film Festival, the production has gained 98.4 million yuan (US$16 million) and this figure is increasing. The movie displayed for the first time on March 21th and since that day, it has had a non-stop success.

According to Diao Yinan, the director of the movie, arthouse films are not very famous in China; arthouse films usually do not have a big audience. Diao Yinan states that due to the award, this movie became famous. If the movie had not won this prize, this success would have not been possible.

Some people that work in the movie industry are trying to make a change regarding the separation that exists between:

  • arthouse films,
  • independent films,
  • non-commercial films,
  • and commercial movies.

Some of these people state that directors can combine elements from both types of movies and create something completely different and attractive.

Three Important Arthouse Science Fiction Films

A lot of people can relate the genre science fiction with commercial movies. The truth is that many arthouse films are also science fiction movies. For that reason, we have to explore deeper the world of non-commercial films to watch the surprises that it comprises, mostly great surprises. There are three important arthouse science fiction films which are:

A Boy and his Dog

The movie tells the story of a teenage wanderer named Vic. This kid is living in a post-apocalyptic wasteland looking for food with his telepathic dog, named Blood. Both find an underground society who want to use Vic in order to repopulate the world and then get rid of him. The movie had a lot of success because it was making fun offuture society.


The film is about an unsuccessful banker who tries to fake his own death. This movie shows the lives of American middle class with its struggles and issues. The cinematography of this film is excellent because it makes people feel what the characters are feeling.

Je t’aime je t’aime

The movie is about a man who joins a time travel experiment. The purpose of this experiment was that people selected could travel through their past, but just for one minute. However, the man got stuck. During this time, he revives his former romantic relationship.