Avengers 2 Is Closer Than Ever

Avengers 2 - Christian Lovera

Avengers 2

Our favourite superheroes are up against a new threat, one that will push all their collective strenghts to ther fullest if they want to get out of this one alive. Avengers 2 hits theaters on May and we can hardly wait. A new threat is coming, and it is hell-bent on taking down anything and anyone dumb enough to stand in its way. Will the Avengers might be strong enough to take down Ultron? Or does this mean the end of the Avengers and mankind?

Ironman, Captain America, Black Widow, Hawkeye, Hulk, Thor and three other mysterious newcomers are all that stands before Ultron’s plan. Spader does the voice for the imposing Ultron, and his performace is quite remarkable. Ultron may be an imposing artificial lifeform, but Spader truly bring the evil mastermind to life. Spader is currently one of the lead actors in the hit show The Blacklist.

This movie marks the end of phase two of the MCU on a high note in order to make way for the next batch of Marvel movies, such as AntmanThor 3, and the highly discussed Captain America Civil War, which will surely split the MCU in half.

If they can’t save the Earth, they will damn sure avenge it.