Arthouse Films that Must Be Watched (Video)

If you like to spend the weekend having some family time, there is a wide variety of movies recommended to watch, especially commercial films.

However, if you enjoy watching movies about human interactionstruth storiesdifferent dramas and comedies, or films made with a different purpose than having a big audience, these are the movies that you have to watch:


This movie is a drama about a man whose life is being threatened due to a mistake that he made in the past.

The drama begins with Tom Hardy, the main character of the movie, driving and making phone calls. However, these phone calls represent the enemyputting at risk his lifefamily, and company.

The Railway

If you like movies about World War II, you have to watch The Railway Man. The movie is about a former British military man who was put in a Japanese prison during World War II.

Later, he finds out that his torturer is still alive and begins a journey to find him.

The World According to Monsanto

It is a movie which purpose is to raise awareness about the earth and how to preserve it. In this film, people will watch the consequences of genetically modified crops.

Three Important Arthouse Science Fiction Films

A lot of people can relate the genre science fiction with commercial movies. The truth is that many arthouse films are also science fiction movies. For that reason, we have to explore deeper the world of non-commercial films to watch the surprises that it comprises, mostly great surprises. There are three important arthouse science fiction films which are:

A Boy and his Dog

The movie tells the story of a teenage wanderer named Vic. This kid is living in a post-apocalyptic wasteland looking for food with his telepathic dog, named Blood. Both find an underground society who want to use Vic in order to repopulate the world and then get rid of him. The movie had a lot of success because it was making fun offuture society.


The film is about an unsuccessful banker who tries to fake his own death. This movie shows the lives of American middle class with its struggles and issues. The cinematography of this film is excellent because it makes people feel what the characters are feeling.

Je t’aime je t’aime

The movie is about a man who joins a time travel experiment. The purpose of this experiment was that people selected could travel through their past, but just for one minute. However, the man got stuck. During this time, he revives his former romantic relationship.