Independent Film Is Going To Have Its Own Fest

New York is a city that has anything you could need, or at least, that is what it seems to be. There are a lot of options for you to do. Lots of movies have NYC as its main place to develop a story, it does not matter if it is about the end of the world or related to a love story or something. The real fact is that as New York City is that one of the most important places for the movie industry and, besides, the independent film market also has lots of things to give in this place, NYC will have on September an independent film week.

Christian Lovera Logo IFP

Logo IFP

Independent Filmmaker Project is an organization based in the United States of America that basically support, produce and create everyhintg related to the independent film industry, that is why this organization decided to create and subsequently do something that could be only about the market of the independent films. What the creators thought it could be better to do so was having a week, just like the Fashion Week, for example, but this time it is about movies and its directors and producers.

Filmmaker ConferencesProject Forumsmovies and more are about to be shown this week that starts on September, 2014. The idea is that this week can work as a teaching experience for all those people that is just beginning in thuis complicated, but lovely and incredible industry.

Directors and producers and independent filmmakers have been recognized and championed by the IFP before this 2014 week and some of the people that got this priceless recognition are:

  • Charles Burnett
  • Michael Moore
  • Joel and Ethan Cohen
  • Kevin Smith
  • Wayne Wang
  • Todd Solondz
  • Mira Nair
  • Todd Haynes

Storytellersartists in general, and even actors, can be part of this week. It is also possible to be part of the organization: it is just about going to the official website and following the instructions. It seems to be a really good option for those who are interested in learning more about movies, how to make it, acting and everything related to it. During the week and the whole year, there are, as part of the creative program that the IFP,:

  • Workshops,
  • forums,
  • fests,
  • conferences and more.

The IFP organization also has the Gotham Awards in which some independent films are nominees and got this prize. This is a motivation to those who are walking in the difficlut road of making a movie and, mostly, and independent one. About the movies that were nominee just last year (2013), it is possible to mention the following ones:

  • Before Midnight
  • 12 years a slave
  • Inside Llewyn Davis
  • Upstream color
  • Ain’t them bodies Saints
Christian Lovera 12 years a slave

12 years a slave

Inside Llewyn Davis was actually the one that got the prize and this film, as well as 12 Years a slave, are now being presented in all the different cinemas of the whole world and this is because of the success and goodness of those productions.

Independent Film in Venezuela

South America actually has lots of movies to share in this complicated, but amazing market of movies. However, when it is about the independent film industry, it becomes harder to find a movie that really catches the attention of the spectator, so it is all about looking deep inside of each country in order to find a truely good film that also got some prizes internationally speaking. Among those independent films considered as a good one, there is the Venezuelan Movie called as Brecha en el silencio and that was released back in 2013.

Christian Lovera Brecha en el silencio

Brecha en el silencio

Brecha en el silencio was directed by two Venezuelan brothers that wanted to tale a true story of what can be considered as a current family, but that actually has lots of difficulties and problems. This made the main character of this movie, more than being the common happy character we are used to see, a very unhappy and complicated deaf woman that is a victim of her own family. The name of those two brothers are Andrés and Luis Rodríguez.

Vanessa Di Quattro is the name of the main character of the movie. She is a Venezuelan actress that before doing this movie, worked intelevision as an actress of some TV series. Even when she never got the chance to work as the protagonist of any of those television productions, Vanessa could get the chance to be the protagonist of this movie that really got the attention of people from all over the world. An example of this is the prize this film got in Egypt… It is considered such a good movie that it went from Venezuela to Egypt and got a recognition! Cairo’s Cinema Fest got two prizes to the movie:

  • Best first appearance
  • Best Actress

Venezuela has a big list of movies, indeed. However, it is not a much known market, not even in the country itself. Movies like this Brecha en el silencio are trying to give to the Venezuelan and international spectators something different that make people got interested in what they do. Some other films are also important and interesting, some of those are:

  • Manuela Sáenz The Liberator of the Liberator
  • Hermano
  • Azul y no tan rosa
  • El manzano azul
  • Patas Arriba
  • Reverón
  • Pelo Malo
  • El pez que fuma

Movies about history and family, comedy movies and movies with a very social topic are all made in Venezuela . Recently, the Venezuelan movie market is trying to reclaim itself and give more movies that talks about topics that can be really different from what Venezuelan people is used to see and their cinemas. So, it may have more prizes in an international level just like Brecha en el silencio and Azul y no tan rosa did.

Christian Lovera Azul y no tan rosa

Azul y no tan rosa

The Chorus: An Unforgettable Movie

Hollywood is the first thing that could come into your mind when you are talking about movies. However, it is not the only one movie indutry out there. There are many different movies from all over the world that could actually be considered much better than the ones coming from this American industry, at least that is what many people believe.

From the European market, specifically from France, there is The Chorus (Les Choristes in French). Even when it was presented to the world many years ago (in 2004) it still is in the minds of people who watched, this is due to the impact it has in everybody.

Les Choristes

Les Choristes

The Chorus is a movie that was directed by Cristophe Barratier and it was written by the same director and Phillippe Lopes Curval. This production is actually a very good addptation from a movie that was made back in 1945, A Cage Of Nightingales. French cinema has been always giving to the world a big catalogue of movies to see and share, but the impact that The Chorus had in the whole word was amazing and this is because of the topic it has.

This film, in a very summarize way, is about a music teacher that goes to a current school to, precisely, teach music to the students. The problem appears when he realize that those students are kind of problematic and complicated. However, and at the end of the story, he got the chance to be nearer from them and music start to play its role and both, the teacher and the students, got a real friendship and understand the importance that music has in life.

Cast of the movie

Cristophe Barrier is the director and co writer. Besides, there is a big amount of people who worked truely hard in order to create a very good movie. Among all the artists who worked for this production, there are 11 actors and actresses considered as the main characters in the film, the names of those artists are:

  • Gérard Jugnot as Clément Mathieu
  • François Berléand as Rachin
  • Kad Merad as Chabert
  • Jean-Paul Bonnaire as Maxence
  • Marie Bunel as Violette Morhange
  • Jean-Baptiste Maunier as Pierre Morhange
  • Maxence Perrin as Pépinot
  • Grégory Gatignol as Mondain
  • Cyril Bernicot as Le Querrec
  • Jacques Perrin as adult Morhange
  • Didier Flamand as adult Pépinot

Music, as it is shown, is very important through the complete movie. That is why all the songs that are part of it became relevant and the soundtrack of this film was released also in 2004 and by the Warner Bros Records. Besides, the album of this soundtrack was so good that it was 11 weeks at the top of the albums chart in France. In addition, in 2005 there was released a DVD of The Chorus in concert. So, it demonstrates, in a way, that this French movie really catches the heart of the ones who watch it and enjoyed the production of a film made outside of the Hollywood parameters.

Christian Lovera DVD of The Chorus in concert

DVD of The Chorus in concert

Chinese Arthouse Film is Having a Huge Success

Despite the fact that arthouse films are not made for commercial purposes, and that many of them are not watched by a considerable amount of people,  Chinese movie Black Coal, Thin Ice has demonstrated the contrary about this thought.

The movie has had a large amount of people watching it though this was not the intention of the film.

After being awarded with the Golden Bear for best film at the 2014 Berlin International Film Festival, the production has gained 98.4 million yuan (US$16 million) and this figure is increasing. The movie displayed for the first time on March 21th and since that day, it has had a non-stop success.

According to Diao Yinan, the director of the movie, arthouse films are not very famous in China; arthouse films usually do not have a big audience. Diao Yinan states that due to the award, this movie became famous. If the movie had not won this prize, this success would have not been possible.

Some people that work in the movie industry are trying to make a change regarding the separation that exists between:

  • arthouse films,
  • independent films,
  • non-commercial films,
  • and commercial movies.

Some of these people state that directors can combine elements from both types of movies and create something completely different and attractive.