Greatest American Independent Movies

Hollywood productions are always the greatest because of their high budget that allows them to have extraordinary shooting locations, the best actors, the ultimate visual effects, and more. We are used to those movies, but what about independent movies? Yes, they are great as well as Hollywood movies because indie movies are different, especially because they are low budget which allows directors to innovate and use their imagination to create the most amazing movies of all times. What do you think about this top 4 of the greatest American independent movies?

  • Nothing but a Man
  • Born in Flames   
  • Funny Ha Ha                   
  • Sherman’s March

American Cultural Reality in the 60s

History of African-American people Christian Lovera

Nothing but a Man

Michael Roemer’s film focuses on portraying the lives of African –American people during the 60s. Nothing but a Man is about a rail road worker named Duff Anderson, played by Ivan Dixon, and his wife a school teacher named Josie, interpreted by Abbey Lincoln. They as a couple have to face discriminatory challenges of that period of time. This movie is great to know American cultural reality in those years. In addition, we have seen lots of new movies portraying that African-American reality, so if you want to watch a marathon of movies like those, you have to include Nothing but a Man.

Fighting for Equal Rights in the 80s

Movie about Revolution of women Christian Lovera

Born in Flames

From director Lizzie Borden, the movie Born in Flames presents an extraordinary revolution of women in order to ask the American government to hear the voices of those who were discriminated such as minorities, liberals, and feminists. Although it is considered as a science fiction movie, this film presents the reality that we are still living because women, nowadays, are still fighting in order to have equals rights, and more issues presented in the movie. This is an 80’s movie and it was filmed in New York City.

Marnie’s Life is not that Funny

Funny Ha Ha, movie Christian Lovera

Funny Ha Ha

From director Andrew Bujalski, Funny Ha Ha shows us the life of Marnie a young girl that graduated from college and is looking for a temporary job and the greatest boyfriend. The life of every American girl is portrayed in Marnie’s life, she is in love with a guy who does not love her back, and the jobs that she gets are not what she expects. This is great movie to have our feet on the ground, remembering that we will not have everything that we want. However, it is still a good life.

Exploring the love relationships of an American Director

Sherman's March Movie Christian Lovera

Sherman’s March

From director Ross McElwee, Sherman’s March has nothing to do with history and a lot to do with love and relationships. McElwee focused his movie on his own life; so, this is the ultimate auteur film. After a really bad breakup, Ross McElwee tries to find love in other women, while he is producing a documentary about Civil War. If you like auteur movies, you have to watch Sherman’s March and discover how McElwee’s love relationships ended.

If you are avoiding going to the movies because there is nothing that you like, try to watch independent films. They are really different from Hollywood productions, but that does not mean that they are not great, lots of them are even greater that Hollywood high-budget productions.