The Blue Room: An Enigmatic Arthouse Movie

Mathieu Amalric

Mathieu Amalric presents his new movie

Mathieu Amalric is the director and main character of the French arthouse movie The Blue Room. The plot is about a man named Julien (played by Amalric) a successful salesman that hides a secret: he has a mistress named Esther(Stephanie Cleau).

Both Julien and Esther are married, but they cannot stop their love and prefer to cheat on their partners. However, this never ends well.

Julien is the main narrator of the story. He is in prison, but at first we do not know why, he tells the gendarmes about the forbidden relationship. In addition, the judge and a psychologist tell us the story.

The performances in the movie are excellent. Mathieu Amalric does a great job showing that adultery never ends well and that is not meant to last. Besides, Stephanie Cleau and Lea Drucker, Julien’s wife Delphine, act very well too. Julien hates his wife Delphine, he feels guilty and he does not love her anymore.

At the end, Esther’s husband is found dead and the first person that police deems as guilty is Julien. He is put in prison because French police finds out the love letters of Esther about her lover. In that way, Julien’s affair becomes a nightmare.