10 Greatest Independent Films

Independent film industry is something that probably not everybody knows or at least has a little knowledge about it. However, since many years ago, the independent movies and directors are having their spot in the cinemas of the whole world. Probably not with much attention, but those movies exist and due to technology and all the new things that are in the world, it is actually better and easier for people to have independent movies in their houses.

Films from an infinite group of countries are made every year. A top of the greatest ones is really difficult, but if we create our own boundaries and limitate the top into the most amazing and greatest 10 independent films from 1990 until 2004, we will probably have a very short but truly good top of movies.

Countries like MexicoUnited States of America and the United Kingdom are having their own independent productions and every year there are more movies that are being part of the big list of films in the different cinemas of the world. So, it just time to begin with this top 10 of the greatest independent films that includes the countries: USA, Mexico and UK.

  • El Mariachi: it is a Mexican movie directed by Robert Rodríguez and it was made in 1992 and this movies in considered as a guerilla filmmaking. It is a very good movie that actually got the international attention of people.
  • Dead Man’s Shoes: it was made in 2004 and you will probably hear something about it. The director was Shane Meadows and it is considered as one of the best independent movies coming from the United Kingdom.
  • The Passion of the Christ: this movie was directed by the actor Mel Gibson and it was released in 2004. This movie, definitely, got not only the attention but also the impression and good comments of people all over the world. It was actually one of the most sale movies in 2000.
  • Amores Perros: this is a Mexican movie directed by Alejandro gonzales Inarritu and it was released in 2000. This movie is known not only by its director but also for the very good participation of the actors.
  • Lost in Translation: it is a Sofia Coppola movie and it wa smade in 2003. This film is absolutely over the clichés and it is a very well done movie.
  • In the Company of Men: it is a movie directed by Neil LaBute and it was made in 1997 and its director was firstly part of the American Theater and then he got into the independent film industry and has this movie as an example of what he is capable to do.
  • The Usual Suspects: it is a film made in 1995 and directed by Bryan singer. This film is about crimes, but it defintely goes further and deeper than what we all are used to see about it.
  • Reservoir Dogs: it was made in 1992 and the director was no less than Quentin Tarantino, so this movie is one of those from this director that should be in the list of movies to see.
  • Lone Star: it was made in 1996 and the director was John Sayles. In this movie, one of the most important things is the way how the direction, the story and the actors are all well accomplished.
  • Run Lola Run: it is not about Forrest Gum and it was made in 1998 by the director Tom Tykwer.
Christian Lovera Mel Gibson, director of The Passion of the Christ

Mel Gibson, director of The Passion of the Christ


Christian Lovera Dead Man's Shoes (2004 film)

Dead Man’s Shoes (2004 film)

Under The Skin Is the Perfect Art House Film (Video)

The art house film Under The Skin directed by Jonathan Glazer brings beautiful surprises.

The film is based on the novel written by Michel Faber. It is about a beautiful and voluptuous woman named Laura (Scarlett Johansson) that seduces forsaken men and gets rid of them by taking away their humanity.

Film critics have described this movie as hypnoticintoxicating, and mysterious.

Despite the fact that most of arthouse films are made with a reduced amount of money, one successful and renowned actress, Scarlett Johansson, plays the leading role.

According to movie critics, her performance was excellent. Although Johansson is better known for acting in commercial movies such as Iron Man and The Avengers, she has also starred in arthouse films such as:

  • Lost in Translation,
  • Ghost World,
  • and Her.

Under the Skin combines: science fictionhorrorunusual special effects and suspense.

Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett Johansson

The movie is recommended for people who enjoy arthouse films, who like watching human interactions, and a slow development of the story.

Jonathan Glazer, the director of the movie, is known for his drama Sexy Beast. In spite of the fact that this movie is an arthouse film and some people do not like this kind of films, it is highly recommended for those who are fan of Johansson’s work and want to watch something different.