The Chorus: An Unforgettable Movie

Hollywood is the first thing that could come into your mind when you are talking about movies. However, it is not the only one movie indutry out there. There are many different movies from all over the world that could actually be considered much better than the ones coming from this American industry, at least that is what many people believe.

From the European market, specifically from France, there is The Chorus (Les Choristes in French). Even when it was presented to the world many years ago (in 2004) it still is in the minds of people who watched, this is due to the impact it has in everybody.

Les Choristes

Les Choristes

The Chorus is a movie that was directed by Cristophe Barratier and it was written by the same director and Phillippe Lopes Curval. This production is actually a very good addptation from a movie that was made back in 1945, A Cage Of Nightingales. French cinema has been always giving to the world a big catalogue of movies to see and share, but the impact that The Chorus had in the whole word was amazing and this is because of the topic it has.

This film, in a very summarize way, is about a music teacher that goes to a current school to, precisely, teach music to the students. The problem appears when he realize that those students are kind of problematic and complicated. However, and at the end of the story, he got the chance to be nearer from them and music start to play its role and both, the teacher and the students, got a real friendship and understand the importance that music has in life.

Cast of the movie

Cristophe Barrier is the director and co writer. Besides, there is a big amount of people who worked truely hard in order to create a very good movie. Among all the artists who worked for this production, there are 11 actors and actresses considered as the main characters in the film, the names of those artists are:

  • Gérard Jugnot as Clément Mathieu
  • François Berléand as Rachin
  • Kad Merad as Chabert
  • Jean-Paul Bonnaire as Maxence
  • Marie Bunel as Violette Morhange
  • Jean-Baptiste Maunier as Pierre Morhange
  • Maxence Perrin as Pépinot
  • Grégory Gatignol as Mondain
  • Cyril Bernicot as Le Querrec
  • Jacques Perrin as adult Morhange
  • Didier Flamand as adult Pépinot

Music, as it is shown, is very important through the complete movie. That is why all the songs that are part of it became relevant and the soundtrack of this film was released also in 2004 and by the Warner Bros Records. Besides, the album of this soundtrack was so good that it was 11 weeks at the top of the albums chart in France. In addition, in 2005 there was released a DVD of The Chorus in concert. So, it demonstrates, in a way, that this French movie really catches the heart of the ones who watch it and enjoyed the production of a film made outside of the Hollywood parameters.

Christian Lovera DVD of The Chorus in concert

DVD of The Chorus in concert